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Religion 2025

" Religion  is a collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values." "If one person has an imaginary friend, he is crazy, but if many people have the same imaginary friend, its called religion". Yes, both are kulted (copied). First one is from wikipedia and second one is from the dinosaur-asking-questions meme. I just needed a formal start before I can punch in my views. Here I go. Being from an above-average religious family, this topic has always had a place in my head. I was also raised to have faith and belief in the concept of God and its worship. But as I grew up, started going to school / college and getting exposed to more than a home ecosystem, my faith kept on declining. This should be a case with almost everyone of my generation. Our parents were a part of older India, a closed one. Their definition of respect included not to argue / question their adults. But we were

HelloWorld : Things in my head

Hello World For the people who are too lazy to open my bio or if I havent updated it yet ;), I am Smit Mehta, a CS undergrad at IIT Madras, India. Besides many things, I really love typing. Yes, you read it correct. You can always invite me for a race in typeracer. Just ping me with the link to the race. Apart from sharing my views on stuff, blogging is just an another excuse to type more. My blogs can tend to have a bias towards IITs, IITians, Gujarati stuff and Computer Science. I have been wanting to write a blog from last three months, but there is always a bunch of pending assignments (excuses?). Hence today, I swear an oath in the name of the Old Gods and the New that I will write a blog post every Monday, well except when my quizzes / endsems / very big assignment submission / some other excuse isn't there. Well it is already Tuesday now, but I can forgive myself for the first post. This is the helloworld post for the coming series of blogposts of my Things in my head