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The Great I(IT)ndian Dream

Disclaimer: This post is heavily biased towards IITs and IITians in general. Go ahead only if you are interested. Anyways I have already got your page view if you are reading this. ;)     Another thing off my head. This post is inspired by a recently raised question on Quora about IITians' contributions. Btw if you are interested in something else than "aww.. so cute <3" pics and statuses on Facebook, and want to indulge / read good moderated discussions on all the topics you could imagine, Quora is the place to be. Anyways that's for another day, back to the topic. Here I go.     When someone asks you, where do you study, and you say IIT, following are the major classes of responses you get. - They dont give a fuck. They just treat you like a normal guy from a good college. - They confuse it with ITI or some private institute located far away, where you unfortunately had to take admission (possibly with donation) because you didn't get it into a loca