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Movie review - Spiderman - Homecoming

Marvel has come out with yet another awesome movie, now with my second most favorite (a close second to IronMan) in the Marvel multi-verse - Spiderman. It was a very fresh and modern reboot of Spiderman, with a brilliant performance by Tom Holland! It is aptly named, "homecoming", and they couldn't have welcomed back the super hero in the Avengers space in a better way! I will give the movie a solid 8.5 / 10 . It was an entertaining movie throughout, and I found myself rooting for the 15-year-old Spiderman the entire time! The movie hit all the correct notes for me (more details below). Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the movie, and care about spoilers, stop reading now! +1 - No background story We all know how Spiderman came to be. We have seen it in two movies! This movie doesn't focus on that part, which gives it a lot of room to develop the character of Peter Parker otherwise! No more uncle Ben's sad accident or the accidenta