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My jab at sketching!

First of all, survive a new year. Sketching, or in general, any form of art is not my cup of tea. All my life, everyone else has done that on my behalf. My sister drew birthday and anniversary cards for my parents, and all I had to do was to go cry in front of my mom to have my name written in the 'from' section of the card. In school, all my journal diagrams were done by friends or mom. I think, I am just too lazy to write or draw. Lucky for me, I can just get away with typing for weeks at stretch now. Anyway, back to the point. God hasn't really given me much of a right brain, hence, I'm horrible at drawing, to say the least. But by the virtue of my left brain, and hours and hours of training, there is one thing which I can make really well. The Scenery. If you have taken a single art class in Indian Education System, I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Biswa explains it perfectly - It's so true to the core. It's so deeply ingrained in