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Old poem

I was cleaning my Google Drive a couple of days back, and found this poem, which I wrote in VII grade. This doesn't necessarily mean that I write better now. :p

That was my first and last attempt at poetry. Here it goes.

The plight of Earth
Started with a blob of nebula
involving thousands of celestial phenomena
A gift of God to nature
which took long to mature

No land no sea only fire
I was like this, can you admire?
Full of lava and hot matter
Which left everything to shatter

This continued for millions of years
which wet God's eyes with tears
His tears were not in vain
As he sent them to me in the form of rain

As more time progressed
my surface got significantly improved
It became cooler
And contained inorganic minerals as proved by Miller

Life in the form of bacteria appeared
Followed by which, complex ones emerged
And then the grace of God and water
made more and more of them to appear

Ultimately the most dangerous one came
which only cared for their name and fame
Neither dino, nor chimpanzee nor…