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The Other Side

First of all, Survive a new year :) When I was young, one of the 'moral giving childhood stories' included a very simple story. You have got a white cloth. Make a noticeable black dot at the center of it and show it to people. Most of them will notice the black dot and ask questions about it. Not many will care about the white portion. All that matters is that small black dot which grabs the attention. It has been a long time since I posted last and there have been many events which tempted me to write about them, most of them bad / negative. The FB Comment Arrest, The Delhi Rape Case, subsequent mindless statements by Indian politicians and religious leaders, etc (a lot of black dots, though :-/). There were numerous protests, media panel discussions on such topics. But today I am not gonna write about them. Today its about those stories which are missed by a large chunk of people. The positive ones. I am, by no means, saying that people are wrong in thinking about negat