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What is it like to grow up in a typical Gujarati household?

(Cross posted on my Quora profile ) I have written this post from a general Gujarati household perspective. However, there is a huge bias towards how I was brought up. So, please don't generalize it to all Gujjus. And comments are welcome! :) Food Breakfast or school tiffin includes  thepla, khakhra, fafda-jalebi, poha  and  upma . My mom would rarely give me something which is not homemade (bread, etc). Lunch has a typical north Indian meal but has its own unique taste and texture. Thin  rotis,  sweet  daal , a couple of vegetable curries, curd / buttermilk, and a  farsan  (Gujarati snack, generally fried).  Farsan  can include  patra, dhokla, bhajiya, gota , etc. Evening snacks can have either of the  farsan . Dinner is usually light, and depends on the household. Some might have lunch menu all over again, or otherwise simple stuff like  khichdi, vesan , etc or non-gujju food like  pav bhaji, idli, dosa,  etc. Mango is given supreme importance in summers. A Gujju m